Brain on improving the quality of life by improving the homeostasis of our body

-Konkuk university hospital director and dean of the medical school

-Pain society president

-Konkuk university honorary professor medical doctor

Yeolchul, Lee

All energy has waves, so the human brain is affected by various kinds of waves. This is called EEG. When the brain waves stop, people are killed, so brain waves are evidence of life. EEG can be divided into beta and gamma waves caused by stress and alpha and delta waves resolving stress. There is also a seta that induces stress artificially.
 So there is a good brain wave and a bad brain wave. Beta waves, Gamma waves, and Cetaphas, which have bad effects on our brain, are spiritual energies that evil spirits show. On the other hand, the good brain waves, Alphapa and Delta, are the energy of the Holy Spirit that relieves the stress and rests the mind. It is a breakthrough invention that improves the homeostasis of our body including the symptoms caused by stress, the changes caused by aging and oxidation, and the imbalance of endocrine hormones by controlling the wavelength of the brain. We recommend this invention because it is desirable to improve the quality of life by promoting insomnia, depression, relieving stress, preventing dementia, and alleviating pain

Brain on, which is very helpful for mental illness, concentration, strengthening of memory, postpartum depression and activation of physical biorhythm

-Korea sound research director

-Cha medical center prenatal education director
-Cha university outpatient professor of health graduate school

HoSik, Kim

The first person to receive external information from humans is the senses such as eyes and ears, and the sensory nerve transmits the information to the brain, which is transmitted to the brain through the sensory organs and nerves. sensory nerves are accepted by the peripheral nerves of the body except for the visual system. peripheral nerves are spread throughout the body and are characterized by rapid information transmission. For this reason, related scholars have done a lot of research on human brain stimulation and have proved that they can be changed and activated according to the correct stimulation type by using EEG, MRI, SQUID, PET, SPECT and other devices. These biotechnologies will help humans control their brain state and maintain optimal brain conditions for efficient work.
 Human brain waves are divided into alpha waves, beta waves, seta waves, and delta waves, among which the alpha wave refers to a frequency range of about 8 to 13 Hz. If the mind and body are relaxed and mentally in a decentralized state, the alpha wave produces an effective stimulus to the whole brain, creating a stable state and comfort. Alfapa can cause anxiety, stress, brain damage or disease in a poorly conscious state. Brainon, which is made with research and patent technology, helps to maintain brain balance by sending sound waves and inducing brain waves to stable state. It is a product that solves various mental stresses occurring in modern society, It is expected to have a good effect on activation. Especially, depressed patients with right-brain dominant depressive disorder induce asymmetric changes in brain hemispheres, helping symmetrical and harmonious brain wave formation, and beneficial effects on postpartum depression .
 It is easy to use for a long time in daily life, and the effect can be maximized. I hope that Brain On helps your mind and body health and wish you happiness and good luck in your home.

Insomnia, Depression Treatment

Early dementia treatment, prevention of dementia

Tic disorders, ADHD, Concentration treatment

Stress, geriatric treatment