Method of use

Product specification

Product Specifications

Product NameBrain On
Size55(W) x 110(L) x 11(H)
Battery Charging
5V DC Adapter (220V)
Battery550mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
Memory4GB built-in
Playing Time14 hours
for Playing
-3 ~ 40℃
Earphone Out2.5mW + 2.5mW (16)
requency Band20Hz to 20KHz
Ratio of Noise
for Signal

Method of use

Product DB-2000


ㆍUsing DC adaptor(5V)
1) Connect the basic accessory DC adaptor to charging conncetor of the product.
2) In case of voltage requiring charge, charging LEDs are on in odrer, showing that it is being charged. If it is full chagred,
chagring LEDs are all on, showing its full charge status.
* During charging the product, it is not operated.

Turning on and playing

ㆍIf power on/play button is perssed longer for more than 2 seconds,
Power on/Play LED is on and sound wave is played. and battery status LED is on, showing that the current built-in battery’s status.
* Power LED
power ON : Red LED is on and erpeats to blink every 2seconds,
showing that sound wave plays.

Listening the Play

ㆍConnect the plug to earphone terminal of the porduct and insert both left and right of earphone into your ears and adjust volume of signals to check its operation using volume switch(using steero earphone). .

How to adjust volume

ㆍHigher volume : Turn volume switch in right direction to make it high. (If it is maximum, “MAXIMUMO VLUME” is played in voice.)
ㆍLower volume : Turn volume switch in left direction to make it lower. (If it is minimum, “MINIMUM VOLUME” is played in voice.)

Turning off

ㆍIn on status of power, press power on/play button longer for more than 2 sceonds, power is off. (Power lamp is OFF.)

Automatic power off

ㆍWhen removing the earphone during operating it, it in pause status and if it continueso fr 5 minutes, power is automatically off.

Connecting power during operating the product

ㆍDuring playing it, if connecting to DC or PC using charging cable, it stops playing and is in chgairng mode.
* During charging mode, it is not available to operate any functions.

Brain on product specification (DB-1000)

Basic function

1) Power button: ON / OFF function (One Touch)

2) Volume button: UP / DOWN function (0 ~ 25)

3) MODE button: Configuration function

a) Operating time: 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes b) Language: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese

c) Screen display time: 10, 20, 30 sec.

Earphone: Stereo output

Charging: Private Connector (Micro USB)

Method of use

Turn on the Power

Press Power button at least 2seconds,

Display shows BrainOn logo once it starts.

Control Volume

Control your suitable volume using buttons. Usually recommands 8~10 indoor, 10~15 ourdoor.

Turn off the Power

Press power button at least 2 seconds, Display shows 'GOOD BYE' Logo then turns off.