Park Seong-sik (17 years old) in Seoul -Improve concentration

4 Sep 2018
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I have been diagnosed with ADHD for five years and have followed my mother's counseling, neurofeedback, and concert medicine.

When I was studying, I was going to do something different, and once I got angry, I could not do the subject.

And although it seems to concentrate well when I take the medicine, I was very nervous because I was very sensitive.

It has been almost two months since I used Brain On, but at first I feel very relaxed. I feel relaxed,

When I studied, I was able to be quiet. And my head is lighter. I do not feel so sensitive.

The concentration seemed to be less than when I took the medicine, but because I had an electroencephalogram at the oriental clinic,

Main power, stability of mind, condition and all have improved. It was really amazing.

You said that if you continue to use it, this state will be maintained constantly, but I really hope so.

Thank you very much for letting me know you kindly!

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