Moon Sung-ja (age 35) in Seoul - Best to raise concentration

4 Sep 2018
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My daughter is currently in the third grade of elementary school.

I have been distracted and nervous from the first grade,

He said it was an ADHD symptom. I did not want to believe that,

I had psychotherapy and medication.

I was tired, I was sorry, and I had many gloomy times.

I thought it would be too hard for the kid and me to keep doing this.

I finally found a device called Brain On.

I am convinced of the effectiveness of Brain On and have been using it for seven months with my expectations and beliefs. Now, rough speech

I'm scarce, concentrated, reading a lot, and fighting my little brother is almost impossible. It's like living a new life.

Thank you every day and live happily.

I think it would be great if people who are doing the same thing as me are using it and see the effect.

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