Choi Sung-gil (Male, 25 years old),Seoul - Treating dementia with brain on

4 Sep 2018
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Like everyone else, when suddenly the symptoms of dementia suddenly appear to the family, the sky feels collapsed.

Why do you give such a big burden to these people who have lived well as fools?

Today, I went to the nurse manager to talk about the transfer of the room, but during the talk, the nurse did not remove the earphone from the ear.

I was a little uncomfortable thinking that I was ignoring me. So my facial expression was so nursing manager laughing

"Oh, is it strange that you are wearing earphones?

It's okay to hear the sound outside even when I'm wearing it. I received a sample a week ago from the US FDA

It was certified as a dementia medical device. "

"It is a treatment for dementia, it has a dementia prevention effect, and the US FDA is helping to relieve stress.

I have tried to use it because I have been recognized as having the function, but the fatigue disappears in the afternoon and the head is clear.

The person who gave the sample is effective even in 1 ~ 2 days when used, but if it lasts for 2 ~ 3 months,

He says it is good. For preventive purposes, one or two hours a day is good.

Even if you plug it in, you can hear the outside sound so you do not have any problem in real life. "

If you are good at dementia as well as everyone who is urgent like me, you are eager to want to write it all somehow. so

I asked my supervisor for permission and inserted it into my mother.

My mom was a really nice person, but after she got sick of what was the problem, I was very nervous, my chest was frustrated,

He often wakes up and wanders around.

I use Brain On all afternoon, and I am sitting down, watching TV, and talking to my grandmother quietly. Then he sleeps well.

I do not know whether it works for a few hours or not, but I hesitate to think that I can see the hope that I have put on my sleeping slowly.

Since it has not been released in Korea yet, I have bought a box of juice for the manager and asked him to use the first few days.

You are willing to accept it.

Oh ~ I wish I had a really good result ....

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