Park Jeong-Won (Male, 28 years old),Seoul - Excellent effect on dementia, indigestion and constipatio

4 Sep 2018
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After a big scam from a man I believed last year, he continued to drink to calm his anger.

The person whose memory was good suddenly became amnesia.

After I had eaten rice, I forgot to eat the food and asked me to re-prepare the meal again and again.

I went to the hospital with anxious heart and it was dementia. I really dreamed that this would happen to us.

I could not think but the sky seemed to collapse.

I was admitted to the hospital because I thought that if I had to stay in the hospital, I could maintain my current condition, but I became different person every day.

The man who is going to live well even after making a fraud to my good father will be punished.

One month ago, I was informed by the director of the department of neurology that I came to know that it was Brain On, a dementia treatment program approved by the US FDA.

I did not want to be worse anymore, but I let my dad listen every day.

The manager said that it is good to use for a long time, but when I use it for the first time,

I used it for about 2 hours to get used to it.

His face was also beaten by the vases, and he showed much violence, but nowadays his face has disappeared much. Only this

Even those who have really made brainwashing should be blessed! Really!

When I suddenly changed violently, I was surprised and saddened by the way I used to be.

And my chest was stuffy, the digestion was bad, and I was suffering from constipation.

As you can see, I do not feel like I used to be, but I feel like I'm coming back a little bit a little bit.

It is true that I was reluctant to use it for the first time, but I am very glad that my father's dementia has improved because of the director's recommendation.

I want to be cured though I am greedy to watch my father who is getting better.

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