Lee Seong-gil (Male 25 years old) in Daesa-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul - Excellent effect on stress relief and indigestion

4 Sep 2018
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Hello, I am a 20-something worker who has stepped into society now.

I just had a lot of stress when I was in social life.

I was exhausted from my mother just because I was tired of body and mind and came home.

Then, one day, the mother knows that the EEG is active in the brain, so stress and insomnia,

Depression and so on, and he brought me a machine called "Brain On" and asked me to write it down.

When I saw a machine that looks like a small mp3, I gave it to my mother, "Oh, I do not need this!"

The next day I left home and came home to see the brain on the desk and write once in curiosity

There was no sound, only the sound of the banding ~ the banding ~ the banding ~ the banding.

Something is still mysterious, but I keep listening.

I heard about five minutes, but should I say something's cool? I feel like shooting, and the focus becomes clearer.

I feel like my eyes are clear (I feel very good).

I feel good, and I feel stress is relieved.

Nowadays, digestion is good, too.

I paid for my monthly salary and my mother's support (it was worth more than I thought).

I am using it well.

I am a little (?) Timid personality and I can not publicize it to anyone else.

It's a really awesome machine.

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