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고흐 재해석 (Reinterpretation of Gogh)

모네 재해석 (Reinterpretation of Monet)

모네 재해석 (Reinterpretation of Monet)

시슬리 재해석 (Reinterpretation of Monet)

Reinterpretation of Gogh

Reinterpretation of Monet

Reinterpretation of Climt

Reinterpretation of Monet

Exhibit Brainon View

DAVOS Forum 2009, Switzerland
2009.01.27 ~ 2009.01.29

Art & Living, Seoul
2009.03.27 ~ 2009.04.07

Office Exhibition 2009, Dubai
2009.03.03 ~ 2009.03.05

CIGE 2009, Beijing, China

2009.04 ~ 2009.04.19

KBS1 TV Wednesday, Scent of the culture - Main studio installation

Brainon View Business strategy

Status of media art contents 2016

2 Frames: Gogh,Monet,Gauguin,Klimt,Renoir

Single Frame: Gogh,Monet,Gauguin,Klimt,Renoir

Oriental painting: 4 Seasons,Plum


Genuine Holdings

  54 famous writers
  Holding about 2000 digital sources.

Overseas Marketing Channel Status
  Local sales network established to

USA Americhip and China KingTop Co,

1. Media CONTENTS Off-Line, connected

commerciallization of Hotels and Restaurants

-Utilize existing media contents to enter hotels, restaurants, and various consumer markets Installation and production of its own Single Frame.

HW is free rental and monthly rental fee for CMS utilization. 

Produce brochures to promote contact and sales in various fields such as government offices and banks.

2.Media Art Contents Off-Line Marketing

Private Banks, various securities firms, VIP-related industries, VIP wedding hall.

3. Commerciallization Media Contents On-Line

Create an application to capture mobile market (with time function)

Supporting its own single frame production and contents business by linking existing media artists.

4. VIP Business

Promoting the work of substituting VIPs for promotional media such as existing DVDs, mainly targeting government and public offices.

Utilizing it as educational media for events (such as a birthday party, wedding ceremony, etc.)